Q: Why is this documentary being produced?
A: Ancient Greece is the cradle of Western Civilization and this information should be made available to Americans through appropriate educational venues such as the History Channel and PBS.
Q: Isn’t this information already being taught in the public school system?
A: Unfortunately, NO! Forty years ago it was a part of the curriculum of Junior High School and High School. On balance, education about Ancient Greece has been minimized or omitted.
Q: What about colleges and universities? Isn’t taking classes about Ancient Greece required there?
A: Not any more! Most colleges and universities no longer require Western Civilization, which emphasizes Ancient Greece. However, many of these institutions require taking courses in Ethnic Studies and Cultural Diversity. Militant Ethnic Studies courses frequently teach distortions, suggesting the achievements of the Greeks actually came from non-Western civilizations.
Q: Does this mean that this documentary is anti-minority?
A: Certainly NOT! This film does not make any disparaging statements about any other civilization. It only explains how the evolution of the Polis (city-state) from 750 BC to 320 BC created the cultural foundations of Western Civilization.
Q: If I’m not Greek and do not especially like history, why should I support this documentary?
A: Viewers of this documentary will understand how the core values of Western Society, including constitutional government, value of the individual, freedom of expression, and equality under the law, started in Greece.
Q: Specifically, why is this information relevant to the average American?
A: The Ancient Greeks were the first civilization that had a middle class of small farmers and craftsmen who had legal ownership of their property and operated in a free-enterprise environment. The American Founding Fathers used the Greeks as the model for their new nation.
Q: What was different about the Greeks that allowed them to create those institutions, as opposed to all civilizations which preceded them?
A: These middle class entrepreneurs were citizens of their Polis—as opposed to being a subject in all other societies. As citizens, they had freedom of expression, legal rights, and were assured equality under the law. Understanding that this environment allowed the “Greek Genius” to blossom is critical to understanding our own society.