The objective of the documentary is as simple as it is profound

To tell the TRUTH.

This project intends to explain the contributions of Ancient Greece in establishing the foundations of Western Civilization.

This non-confrontational presentation will be in a format that is easy to understand, interesting, and entertaining, thus maintaining the interest of the audience. Interviews by historical authorities will enhance the learning process.

The format of the presentation will be a historical video documentary that would ideally be formatted to the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Learning Channel, and PBS. It could easily fit into the scheduling of the more “mainstream” channels.

The topics that will be covered to explain the Greek Roots of Western Civilization will include:

The Polis
Constitutional Government
Birth of Democracy
Civilian Control of the Military
Separation of Church and State
Freedom of Expression, including Dissent
Rational Pursuit of Knowledge
Value of the Individual
Origins of Athletic Competition
Equality of Citizens Under the Law